14th Swiss Educational Festival

This year, the 14th Swiss Education Festival in Weggis is dedicated to the important topic of sexuality during adolescence and for young adults.

On the topic of adolescence and sexuality

How do young people get their knowledge about sexuality and where does it take them when they start acting?

This is an open question in many places, but during these festival days on the beautiful Lake Lucerne it should now be given full focus. A wide range of knowledge from various studies and other sources will be presented by international experts Ann-Marlene Henning, Marianne Bentzen and Peter A. Levine.

The range of information and perspectives is supplemented by contributions from younger adults who also deal intensively with this topic. The 14th edition of this unique festival will once again offer an exciting mix of learning potential. Teenagers and young adults up to 25 can participate at half the festival price this time.

The Education Festival is part of the culture of the summer festivals, which have enriched the music, film and theatre sectors enormously since the 1970s. Education was long forgotten and continued to take place in a rather joyless environment. This is where the idea of the education festival as a supplement to the festival culture and the field of learning comes in. First and foremost, education should be fun and be characterized by motivation, curiosity and the spirit of discovery. Voilà!