18th Annual Swiss Educational Festival

Exceptional LIFE WORKS
August 15 – 18, 2024

with Prof. Dr. Sue Carter
Prof. Dr. Ruth Lanius
Dr. Peter A. Levine
and Prof. Dr. Stephen Porges

Since 2007 the POLARITY CENTER presents The Swiss Educational Festival – an annual event in Weggis on Lake Lucerne which features cutting edge information from the fields of neurology, pedagogy, psychology, quantum physics, and trauma research.

Swiss Educational Festival

Every year, three leading international experts from the respective disciplines are invited to the Education Festival - pioneers of theory and practice in their respective fields, who apply their knowledge in the therapeutic, educational, social and management fields.

A good combination of theory, dialog, brain-, heart-, and bodystorming, as well as exchange of expertise and argument, experience, and artistic encounters makes it possible to expand one’s insights and awareness beyond a specialized technical and increased expert knowledge, to an optimized combination of special, social, and self competence, and a learning out of joy and enthusiasm.

The Soul Laboratory of the Soul at Weggis

The Learning Festival joins the Culture of Summer Festivals, a culture reborn in the 1970’s and continually developed into the present (21st) century. Excluded from this social trend toward cultural encounter in Festival Character, remained the area of learning and education. Education continued to take place either at cortical characterized specialty congresses or rather, mostly in the loveless equipped learning halls of the traditional education centers.
The Learning Festivals aspire to transform learning for adults into a dynamic experience again. Specialists in the areas of education, learning and culture will come together here with participants to initiate and nourish this encounter and learning space in a wonderful atmospheric surrounding, making these days in Weggis an unforgettable marker in the individual life stories of those who can be present.

The Education Festival is part of the culture of the summer festivals, which since the 1970s have enriched us enormously in terms of music, film and theatre. The aim of the festival is to bring education into this sphere of joyful togetherness and from there to enable versatile and multi-layered learning.