Marianne Bentzen

Marianne Bentzen is a somatic psychotherapist and author. She has also taught and supervised mental health professionals internationally since 1982. She has presented at more than forty international and national conferences and written numerous articles and books. Since the early 1990s, she has developed the theory of Neuroaffective Developmental Psychology (NADP), which bridges personality development, brain development, trauma theory and evolutionary psychology as well as emotional training programs and assessment tools with her friend and colleague, psychologist Susan Hart. A long-time meditator, she connects all this with meditative practice and wisdom research as well as emotional intelligence and personal development.

Books in English and German:
The Neuroaffective Picture Book
The Neuroaffective Picture Book 2
The Neuroaffective Picture Book 3
Neuroaffective Meditation
Through Windows of Opportunity

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August 2025

21 August 2025 – 25 January 2026
NeuroAffektive Developmental Psychology (NADP)
Marianne Bentzen (DK)
CHF 3'360

Publications from Marianne Bentzen

6. Schweizer

6. Schweizer Bildungsfestival zum Thema "Stress-Management" 17. - 20 August 2012 in Weggis
Dr. Urs Honauer und Dr. Peter A. Levine und Marianne Bentzen und Prof. Dr. Stephen Porges
CHF 130.00

2. Zürcher

Laufzeit: ca. 14 Stunden
Dr. Peter A. Levine und Marianne Bentzen
CHF 125.00

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